Love your home 30 thousand ways this Christmas

We Have A Winner

For Christmas we gave away $30,000 worth of Powersurge product from our Home Collection. Find out more about the lucky winners.

The Winners

We are delighted to announce Sarah Couillault and Samantha Scarlett (pictured with Powersurge Director Andrea Harradine) as the recipients of our $30,000 prize package from the Home Collection. Their story is a delightful twist of fate, as winning the prize coincides with the lucky couple embarking on the journey of renovating their exquisite new home in Ponsonby.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all our customers who entered the competition.

The Prize Package

We carefully curated a prize package of our most iconic and popular products that Sarah and Samantha have won to furnish their new abode. In the coming weeks we will be catching up with our lucky winners to see how their new home is taking shape.

Details of the prize package are below.

1. Elevation Pendant

The Elevation Pendant integrates minimal design with maximum functionality. The slim perpendicular lines of this pendant are at once daringly simple and highly engineered to provide multiple planes from which light is emanated. The result is a refined, structural suspension that delivers light vertically and horizontally, illuminating your space in sophisticated style

Value: $8880

2. Stanzetta Cabinet

Introducing the new Stanzetta Cabinet. This archetypically minimalist piece boasts slimline modernist sightlines paired against luminous brass paneling. The completely customisable Stanzetta is perfectly balanced, with the brass facade emanating a lightness against the industrial weight of the structure. Bridging the space between  sculpture and furniture, the Stanzetta adds a touch of modern grandeur to any residence. 

Value: $9800

3. Fall Table

The angularity and simplicity of the Fall Coffee Table is archetypically minimalist. The minimalists advocated that an object activates its surroundings not only through its form, but through the negative space it encloses. With this in mind, the Fall Coffee Table was designed to create visual harmony through minimal composition, enclosing balanced negative space beneath its lines and curves.

Value: $3590

4. Place mirror 

Win a 900 x 1800 Place Mirror. The Place Mirror is a quintessential rectangular mirror with sleek sharp corners. Its elongated length augments vertical space and maximises light, while its narrow depth and hidden fixings allow it to seamlessly merge into your interior. The minimal design of the Place Mirror makes it a versatile addition to any space and aesthetic.

Value: $2890

5. Loop Mirrors

Win a matching pair of 600 x 1200mm Loop Mirrors. A classic oval mirror clad in svelte brass edging. The elongated, curved form of the Loop Mirror embodies elegance. This mirrors lustrous frame draws the eye upwards, augmenting vertical space.

Value: $3780

6. Halo Vase Set Of Three

A refined spherical vase with an oblique angled lip. This accessory calls to the enduring form of the column, with a geometric twist. The Halo Vase comes in three sizes, positioned in pairs or multiples the slanted openings create a unique series of tilted sculptural silhouettes.

Value: $807

7. Sun Tray

The circle is a universal symbol of divinity. The Sun Tray incorporates softness into your interior through it's continuous form, acting as a luxurious base for display and organisation. This timeless accessory can be made to tie in seamlessly with surrounding furnishings.

Value: $289

8. Isosceles Book & iPad Stand

A refined folded stand, a multipurpose piece fit for both the kitchen and the office. This object presents a sophisticated opportunity to showcase your favourites titles or as a working companion in the home as a stand for your devices.

Value: $289

9. Crease Phone Holder

The Crease Phone holder combines elegant design with functionality, resulting in a refined accessory that is both sculptural and practical. Slimline folded brass suspends your phone close at hand, on the ideal angle for viewing and sharing, making this the perfect working companion.

Value: $ 129

10. Arch Hook

A statement heavy-weight hook in folded brass. The Arch Hook's extruded loop provides a strong anchor for hanging household items and a contemporary shape within the home. Its natural form ties seamlessly into the surrounding elements of your interior, encapsulating both functionality and design-forward thinking.

Value: $139