Interior Designer - Spatial Studio

Spatial Studio creates luxury tailored interiors with references to both classic and contemporary design.

Led by award winning Creative Director Kristen Basra, the team creates sophisticated and refined interiors that reflect their clients personality or brand. Known for their highly tailored interiors with attention to detail to complete a high-end finished design. 

Their scope sees the team designing full interiors including bespoke kitchens and bathrooms alongside specifications of hard finishes, colours, fixtures and furniture. 

We are fortunate to have created pieces for many of the stunning Spatial Studio residences. See a selection of their impeccable work below. 


Clean lined detailing throughout this beautiful open living space and kitchen in the Wairiki Residence. Architectural details blend between the old and the new highlighting every level and surface.


Our Beam Slide Handle in Aged Brass adds material depth to this serene space


Our Beam Slide Handle


Sleek cabinetry paired with bold stone in the Nordic Residence.


Exceptional fireplace details.


A dramatic kitchen space with contrasting island and cabinetry.


Get the look with our Lateral Light.


Calm neutrals for this dreamy bedroom. 


This deep palette makes for a sophisticated bathroom environment.


Get the look with our Lateral Light Mirror - an innovative piece that offers both illumination and spacial enhancement. This generous, slimline mirror is made to seamlessly convene with the wall, creating a portal of expanded space within your interior. 


Our Place Mirror is a quintessential rectangular mirror with sleek sharp corners. Its elongated length augments vertical space and maximises light, while its narrow depth and hidden fixings allow it to seamlessly merge into your interior.

All of our mirrors can be fitted with LED backlights and demisters on request.


View the full suite of Spatial Studio projects here.


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