Product Care

Our products are crafted by hand using solid brass. Variations will occur between products due to the handmade process and nature of the natural metal materials used.

All Powersurge products and finishes have a clear satin lacquer applied (unless otherwise specified), this helps to slow the natural process of patina. Due to the inherent nature of brass, all products will naturally patina over time. How and at what rate this may occur depends on the unique conditions of your environment.

Regular gentle care and maintenance will preserve and extend the life of your product. We suggest cleaning weekly, remove dust with a dry soft microfibre cloth, a damp microfibre cloth may be also be used for tougher areas. We recommend only using water. Avoid using cleaning products, oils, and other polishes as they may cause permanent damage. We recommend wearing gloves when installing and cleaning your products.

Do not leave moisture, cleaning products, or solutions on the surface of our products as they may erode the lacquer.

Ensure your light is switched off before cleaning.